Global Landscapes Forum 2017 blog competition

Do you believe your voice needs to be heard? Are you the next big thing in blogging? Enter your best 500-1000 words here by December 1, 2017 for a chance to win 500 USD and a trip to the global GLF event in Bonn, December 19-20, 2017. Runners-up will be featured on Landscapes News.

There are all kinds of things under the sun to write about when it comes to the landscape approach, so to narrow things down there are six thematic prompts on the following topics: peatlands, food & livelihoods, finance, restoration, rights, and measuring progress. You can choose from one of many of these themes.

Thousands of participants from all over the world will come together to participate in our 2017 event, with thousands more tuning in online. With representatives from the private sector, NGOs, leading international organizations, government and more, along with an online social media campaign that will reach millions through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and live streaming, the GLF can put your work at the center of the world’s stage.

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