Welcoming YPARD Cameroon representative: Nestor Ngouambé

Nestor NgouambeWe are delighted to welcome YPARD new national representative for Cameroon: Nestor Ngouambé.

Nestor is Agro-economist. He is involved in agricultural research and rural development since 2009. During these last five years, he has contributed to the implementation of agricultural development projects related to transversal issues such as urban agriculture, environment, extension and advisory services, food security and most importantly youth’s involvement in agricultural research.

Nestor is a member of several youth organisations and networks: l’association des anciens étudiants de la faculté d’agronomie de l’université  (FASA-Alumni) where he is in charge of communications and advocacy. He is also co-founding member of the association: “Agriculture, ICTs and Development” (AGROTIC-DEV) which promotes ICT practices among the youth for agricultural development and the fostering of Value Chains. Also, Nestor supports the Cameroon forum for agricultural advisory where he is the resource person of the African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS). Indeed, young people have a key role to play in extension and advisory services in agriculture.

Nestor is an independent researcher and, at the same time, employed at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Minader). His research works have been shared at several conferences and scientific colloquiums in Africa such as in Europe (AGAR 2013, ICT4AG13, AFAAS extension week 2013; Colloque SFER 2010, Dijon).

Being YPARD national representative in Cameroon represents a new challenge for him in order for the youth to contribute to a transforming agriculture in Africa in general, and in Cameroon in particular.

“I want to stimulate research and entrepreneurial spirits among young professionals in agriculture. This requires providing the information and strategies needed to boost agribusiness in order to contribute – sustainably – to a modernized agriculture and rural entrepreneurship as defined in the strategic documents for growth and employment in Cameroon.

The time when young people were disinterested in agriculture is now bygone; a new ere is born and new dynamics are breathing into the new generation for them to get involved and truly contribute to a transforming agriculture. I trust that with YPARD, young people are getting new perceptions and visions about agriculture and its opportunities.

The development of Agro pastoral entrepreneurship among young people in Cameroon is a project close to my heart. The strategic action plan for Cameroon is a roadmap enabling us to go towards this objective.”

We thank Divine Ntiokame, former representative for Cameroon, for his restless work.

Welcome on Board, Nestor!

If you are from or based in Cameroon, and want to get involved in YPARD Cameroon activities, please contact Nestor at