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YPARD Monthly Newsletter - July

Young professionals shaping the future of food systems: YPARD Strategic Directions 2018 -2021

The world is changing. So are the food systems. And now more than ever, the world needs young people proactively contributing to innovative, environmentally and economically sustainable food systems. Discover the new focus areas for YPARD in the next four years.

Nominations open for the 2018 Maize-Asia Youth Innovators Awards

Are you a young woman or man below 35 years of age or do you know someone who is implementing innovations in Asian maize-based agri-food systems, including research-for-development, seed systems, agribusiness, and sustainable intensification? Nominate them for the 2018 Maize-Asia Youth Innovators Awards.

Highlights of the 2nd YPARD Asia and Pacific conference

The YPARD regional unit in Asia and Pacific (AP) organized the 2nd YPARD AP Conference on July 21-22, 2018 at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences ( CAAS ), Beijing, China. The objectives of this conference were to share regional and national updates, review of existing regional development plan, and draft of new regional development plan based on the upcoming 2018-2021 YPARD Business Plan.

Youth and social media: A leverage for agripreneurship

Can we create platforms which show agriculture as a profitable vocation? Mahesh Chander makes a case for Social Media in line with the 2018 World Youth Skills Day.


YPARD Nigeria Café: Young agripreneurs in agribusiness

The key element of running a successful agribusiness in Nigeria requires technical skill, a level of business acumen and rugged determination.YPARD Nigeria tells us more on this from the recently held YPARD Lagos Cafe under the theme Enabling the Business of Agriculture – the Youth Perspective.

YPARD Serbia goes viral!

YPARD Serbia country representative was one of the guests on the Agro TV in the show “Naše dobro“ (Our good) talking about what is YPARD, which are the main problems young farmers face, as well as about what are they contribute to agriculture. She reports back to the YPARD community via this video.

YPARD RDC présent à TAAT CDTO Inception Meeting

Du 10 au 12 juillet 2018 a eu lieu un atelier de renforcement des capacités des parties prenantes du projet TAAT (Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation) en Français « Technologies pour la transformation de l'agriculture africaine ».

YPARD Nepal: Of youth, agriculture and entrepreneurship: Finding the nexus

Anushuya Guragain, a YPARD  Nepal member, shares her findings from her participation at the 2nd Nepal Youth Agriculture Entrepreneurship Symposium organized by 4-H Nepal and tells us what it means to the young people in agriculture.

YPARD Ghana: Feeding Africa through the TAAT CDTO Program with the youth

YPARD Ghana representative shares his observations after participating in the recent inception meeting of Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation (TAAT), Capacity Development and Technology Outreach (CDTO) Enabler Compact held at the FARA Secretariat in Accra, Ghana.

YPARD Nigeria: Africa on the path of agricultural renaissance

Low agricultural yield is one of the many factors that have hampered Africa from reaching its potential with regards to agriculture. How can young people contribute to the success of the Technologies for African Transformation (TAAT) Program in Africa? YPARD Nigeria representative shares some ideas.

YPARD Bangladesh: Energy globe national award-winning eco-village model for environmental sustainability

Maksudur Rahman, Chief executive of Bangladesh Environment and Development Society (BEDS) and an active member of YPARD Bangladesh tells us of his plan to establish an Eco-village model for youth in Bangladesh especially after receiving the prestigious National Energy Globe Award 2018 for BEDS outstanding achievement of the Eco-Village Project in Bangladesh.

YPARD Nigeria: Strengthening Nigerian youth's capacity in agribusiness

Discover more from the recent YPARD Nigeria café that provided an avenue to showcase what YPARD is all about- both at the global level and in Nigeria and will also enable young agricultural professionals to familiarize with each other; share information on research, projects and personal discoveries and exploits within agriculture.


YPARD Strategic Directions 2018 -2021

The document is a result of a collaborative effort by the YPARD community in mapping the strategic directions YPARD will undertake in the period 2018 -2021. It describes the strategy formulation process which commenced in the spring of 2017 and aimed at understanding the current food systems in relation to the young people and unveiling the opportunities and challenges that affect and influence the YPARD network.