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Tell others about the value of your work through GFAR and New Agriculturist - Women Entrepreneurship and Innovation

YPARD Note: YPARD and GFAR work jointly on giving more space to young professionals. Your contribution as a YPARD member would be particularly valued. Please mention your YPARD membership when submitting your article.Call for ArticlesGFAR is seeking many new ways to spread the value of agricultural research and innovation of all kinds and how they are helping to address development challenges. GFAR has established a collaboration with New Agriculturist a widely read and well recognized online journal, to help share your stories about how agricultural knowledge and innovation are helping to address major development challenges and make a real difference in the lives of the poor. Through publication in New Agriculturist they can help you to raise wider awareness of your work and share your knowledge with thousands of readers.  They are particularly interested in stories that show how you are delivering against processes transforming and strengthening agricultural research for development systems as highlighted in the GCARD Roadmap and how your work is helping achieve developmental change in increasing environmental resilience, in benefiting people’s lives and livelihoods or enhancing food and nutrition security, whether by improving foresight and prioritization, improving partnership, enhancing capacities, increasing investments, or by better linking research and innovation into development processes. GFAR is contributing 3 articles in each edition. These articles will be displayed on the front page of New Agriculturist. The previous editions with the GFAR sections are available here. The topic for the next edition is "Women Entrepreneurship and Innovation" and GFAR is seeking stories and projects from around the world on the theme, whether at local, national, regional or international scale. They are specifically looking for articles on innovation and women’s entrepreneurship that are analyzing what has needed to change or be overcome in order for women to successfully develop small and medium sized enterprises, or in changing policies that enable them to do so. They welcome your contributed articles, which must be received by the 09 September 2013. The guidelines for writing up the articles in terms of content are: Show how people put the GCARD RoadMap principles into practice: 1.      Background – what was the drive behind the new development2.      Description of how the new development works and how it is changing real lives3.      Hurdles and challenges that were overcome4.     Comments and experiences of ‘developers’ and users5.      Limitations/constraints/future challenges6.      Responses from relevant/significant bodies (e.g. partner organizations)7.      What next in terms of development? What lessons have been learnt/can be transferred elsewhere? Article length is 750- 850 words. Please note, longer article will not be considered. Please send articles rather than research type papers as the former are more likely to be selected. To get more idea of the style expected please visit the previous edition. All articles received will be submitted to New Agriculturist for their consideration and selection. They invite you to identify and share stories on the topic and help us reach beyond GFAR`s community. Please send the articles to the following E-mail address: Please do mention your YPARD membership when submitting. 
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