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Land for Life Youth Social Media Activist Challenge

The Land for Life Youth Social Media Activists Challenge: “Are You the ONE?” campaign aims to recognize active, passionate and dedicated young people who are currently active in conserving natural resources and promoting such actions to their peers and local communities via social media. Winners' initiatives, stories, experience and /or challenges encountered, ideas or solutions will be communicated and highlighted through UNCCD’s various communication channels such as social media platforms and website.

It is an Opportunity for individual and community projects / stories to get access to valuable networks and gain recognition from a worldwide audience. Thus we encourage all young people who are actively working for environmental justice to send us your initiatives and stories.Your stories could be in the form of short  documentaries, short videos, pictures, short stories, artistic work.

Who can Apply?

If you are  between 16-40 years old,  and you belong to the  group of young people  that will play a decisive role in shaping the future, we welcome your application. Please see the application guidelines for further details.

Who is considered Youth Social Media Activist?

UNCCD secretariat considers a youth social media activist as young people who are passionate, dedicated and actively working to promote environmental justice; sustainable land and natural resources management or land conservation via different social channels and platforms.
If you are Bloggers, YouTubers, Young Journalists, Youth Leaders, Students, Artists, Celebrities, or young people who are active in social movements, community organizations, and have the quality of the mentioned Youth Social Media Activist, YOU may be the ONE we are looking for…

Language of​​ submission: Any of the six UN Languages (English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian). If the content is NOT in English, please provide professional English translation.

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