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Internships in ecologically oriented agriculture in Bolivia -- Association for AgriCulture & Ecology (Agrecol e.V.)

The Association for AgriCulture & Ecology (Agrecol e.V.) in Germany offers internship placements and travel stipends for students enrolled in universities and colleges in German-speaking countries. In the coming year (2015), the Association can arrange two internship placements in ecologically oriented agriculture with a partner organisation in South America: Agrecol–Andes in Bolivia.

The internship offers students an opportunity to acquire practical knowledge in sustainable agriculture and land management in a developing country. By living and working in another sociocultural environment, students can also gain valuable intercultural experiences.

The Agrecol Association in Germany covers the travel costs for a round-trip flight between Europe and Bolivia.


Students eligible to apply for the internship placement and travel stipend are those who:

  • Are enrolled in a university or college in a German-speaking country (including foreign students);
  • Have basic knowledge and/or experience in managing organised groups (for small-scale production, processing and marketing of agricultural products);
  • Have their own laptop or notebook that they can use during the internship;
  • Have basic knowledge about (ecological) agriculture;
  • Are interested and sensitive in working with smallholder farmers in different sociocultural contexts;
  • Are dynamic, open and committed;
  • Have a sufficient command of Spanish to be able to work in this language (interview will be made by Skype with Agrecol–Andes);
  • Are under 30 years of age.

Timing and duration of internship

The internship in Bolivia should begin, if possible, in June 2015, at the latest in August 2015. It should last at least six months up to the end of the year and can be extended to up to twelve months’ duration.


The application, consisting of a convincing letter of motivation (in German and Spanish), concrete details about the desired period of internship and a curriculum vitae in German and Spanish, should be sent by email as pdf attachments to and (Matthias Görgen).

Notification about awarding of the internship placements and travel stipends will be made at the latest by end of February 2015.


Further questions regarding the internship can be directed to or

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