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Call for Abstracts and Student Opportunities: Symposium of Contemporary Conservation Practice 2013

BackgroundAre you in the field of conservation science or you are interested in exploring the practice, science and value of nature conservation? This year’s Symposium of Contemporary Conservation Practice is coming up, 4-8 November, 2013 in South Africa and is now calling for abstract until 15 July, 2013.This symposium offers a platform for the conservation community to share and explore current developments in and information about the science and practice of conservation and the value of biodiversity to society. It seeks to identify solutions to critical issues and to impact policy in order to enhance conservation efforts – in Africa and beyond.It aims to promote partnerships between government agencies, conservation authorities, non-governmental organisations, legal practitioners, communicators and other relevant professionals and stakeholders, to address the contemporary conservation challenges of our world.It is of relevance to decision-makers   and policy developers, conservation managers, scientists, law makers and to communities and stakeholders who live in, depend on and use our beautiful, yet threatened, natural world.Key themes and focus areasSome of the key themes and focus areas that may be of interest to YPARD members are Trans-boundary conservation, Conservation genetics, Ecological processes, Environmental observation and monitoring , Mitigating threats to biodiversity Wildlife crime , Valuing biodiversity, Ecosystem goods and services - Resource economics, Priority species conservation, Biodiversity and livelihoods, Natural resource use, Land-use planning and development, Securing critical biodiversity areas, Media and communication, Alternative energy  sources, Planning for biodiversity conservation, Wildlife law and animal welfare.Student OpportunitiesThere is also a student opportunity for best presentation award as well as the Kwazulu-Natal Premier’s Award for students. So if you are a YPARD member and a student, you are encouraged to attempt this opportunity.Download these documents for more information about the symposium and how to submit your abstract: Symposium announcement, Abstract Submission (PDF), Abstract Submission (Excel).
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