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Call for short film ideas - TV/e Biomovies Competition 2011

The tvebiomovies competition is back!tvebiomovies competition 2011 is another chance to win cash prizes and have your film seen by millions of people around the world. Enter the tvebiomovies competition to be selected to make a film and win $1,500, as well as having your film shown in front of global world leaders at the international climate change conference in Durban!Submit a proposal for a short film or animation on the environment that you would like to make. Take a look at this year's five categories! A judging panel will select ten proposals to be awarded $300 to be made into YouTube films. The ten films will also be shown at the Durban climate change conference. Deadline for movie proposals submission is 23.00 GMT 21 October 2011 The ten finalists will have two months to get as many hits as they can and the five top films - one from each of our five categories - will each receive a $1,500 prize. There's also going to be some top tips training for the finalists on how best to get their films seen by as many people as possible, skills you'll then be able to apply to all your other brilliant creative work online and off.Our first tip for maximising your audience: Start the conversation with your audience early on! Let all your friends know that you are going to enter and keep them updated with your progress along the way. This way, they will feel part of your story and will view your film at the final stage.For more information please go to the tvebiomovies website: