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"Being a Young Professional in the Agricultural Water Management sector"- Call for contributions!

“Being a Young Professional in the Agricultural Water Management sector: challenges and opportunities for a food secure world”

Call for contributions


Water Agricultural ManagementSecuring access by rural people to both land and water is central to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, in particular the target of reducing by half the proportion of people living in extreme poverty and hunger by 2015. Most of these people depend on agriculture for their livelihoods. To ensure food security in the future, it is therefore crucial to invest in mobilizing, holding, sharing and adding value to knowledge in Agricultural Water Management (AWM).

There is a great need for innovative initiatives that target young and talented Junior Professionals, especially those from the South. New and increasing investments, driven by population growth, climate change and changing diets are requiring and attracting a lot of junior experts to the AWM sector. 

Stimulating Knowledge sharing around incentives and reward systems to nurture a new wave of young AWM experts is becoming therefore increasingly important especially in consideration of the progressive erosion of professional staff and senior staff, and the change in age structure. At aggregate level, in the last years a new pool of young AWM experts has progressively tilted towards seniors with a pronounced scarcity of middle-age AWM professionals to pass on the baton. If this gap is not filled, the quality of future AWM interventions could be at jeopardy, as junior professionals simply do not yet master the many aspects of AWM.

To effectively analyse this issue and explore the various dynamics surrounding Young Professionals in AWM, three main topics need to be discussed:

  • cooperation among stakeholders in the agriculture and water arena – particularly the one between Senior and Junior Experts,
  • innovative ways to empower Young Professionals
  • labour markets for youth in the South.

Have your say!

In order to better capitalize on the favourable momentum surrounding youth issues – which are getting high on the agenda of international organizations and donors – IFAD and YPARD are inviting all interested Young Professionals to have their say and make their voices heard.

Capturing the perspectives of Young Professionals on intergenerational cooperation and issues in Agricultural Water Management labour markets for youth in the South is a first step to give visibility to their central role of these future actors of change, while demonstrating that their voices matter: they know what they want and how, giving them the possibility to decide for their own journey is achieving bigger impacts.

We are opening up an on-line space where YPARD members can share their visions on (i) the major difficulties faced by young professionals when they decide to enter the world of work in their respective countries, on (ii) the potential strategies that could help to build local capacity in AWM, and on (iii) the major role that local talents can play in carrying out powerful actions leading to positive change.

These contributions will then be mainstreamed into presentations and communication materials for high profile conferences in the water and agriculture sector such as the Stockholm Water Week, the First World Irrigation Forum, and the Budapest Water Week. The results of this on-line gathering will then be wrapped up into a bigger report/bulletin for broader dissemination among stakeholders.

 You are invited to contribute in two different ways:

  • An on-line debate: join us on YPARD Discussions Forum from Monday 12 August to 30 August 2013. YPARD members are invited to contribute to the discussion answering to the questions that will be raised at regular intervals, exchanging ideas with other members and generating a flow of ideas around the three main topics (a.) Cooperation, (b.) Junior Professionals from the south, (c.) Labour markets for youth. Join the discussions!
  • A social media collection: videos, visual items, articles, pictures with captions etc. You are encouraged to develop your own product focusing on one of the three axes (a.) Cooperation, (b.) Junior Professionals from the south, (c.) Labour markets for youth. Send your contribution at by 23rd August 2013

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