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APPLY NOW: Moderate youth session at Forests Asia Summit

Young people like Nga Ha bundle chayote for money to buy school books in Tan Lac District Vietnam as part of SADU project. Photo by Georgina Smith/CIAT.

Are you:

  •  Involved in forestry and passionate about the role youth play
  • 18-39 years old
  • Demonstrated interest and experience in Southeast Asia’s forestry sector
  • Good at fostering lively group discussions
  • Passionate about finding creative solutions to big challenges

Then you are just the person we are looking for to lead a dynamic, action-oriented roundtable discussion on how youth can help overcome challenges facing Southeast Asia’s forests.

What is the youth session at the Forests Asia Summit?

Youth are getting increasingly involved in policy and research efforts across the forestry and development sectors. Despite this, we are still seeing the same tired conference format of presentation after presentation with a lack of deep discussions and actionable outcomes.

We want to change that.

At the Forests Asia Summit on Monday May 5, we’ll be bringing together the best and brightest minds from Southeast Asia to talk about the future of the region’s forests.

We want young people at the forefront of this summit to identify new ways we can tackle major forestry issues and how youth can help drive such solutions forward.

Youth will be split into 5 roundtables where they will discuss ways to tackle a challenge facing Southeast Asia’s forests and people today. Each roundtable will be focused on one of the Summit’s discussion themes:

  1. Governance and legal frameworks to promote sustainable landscapes
  2. Investing in landscapes for green returns
  3. Climate change and low emissions development on the ground
  4. Linking food, forests and landscapes
  5. Changing communities, sustainable landscapes and equitable development

Click here for more information about each theme.

Event agenda

Monday 5 May
Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia

5:30pm – 5:50pmIntroduction by inspiring youth leaders
5:50pm – 6:50pm Roundtable discussions
6:50pm – 7pmTea break
7pm – 7:30pmPresentations from each roundtable

Who are we looking for?

Outstanding youth moderators!

We are searching for young professionals in forestry that can develop and lead the youth roundtable discussions.

You will:

  • Participate virtually in one of the Summit’s thematic stakeholder working groups in March/April that will help you develop a discussion topic for your roundtable at the youth session.
  • Facilitate a creative and action-oriented roundtable discussion on Monday 5 May.
  • Report back to the expert working groups on the outcomes of your youth session discussion.

We’ll provide:

  • Full cover of your travel, accommodation and meals (from 3-6 May)
  • A two-day training on social reporting
  • A series of expert coaching webinars in facilitating discussions
  • Support to develop your discussion topic

How do I apply?

Please send:

  • 1 page resume
  • Maximum two-page letter answering the following questions:
    • What is one major issue facing Southeast Asia’s forest that you are particularly concerned about?
    • If you were a decision-maker, what would you do to alleviate this problem?
    • What experience have you had with leading discussions?
  • Which discussion theme would you prefer to lead? Please number them in order of your preference (1 to 5):
  1. Governance and legal frameworks to promote sustainable landscapes (more info)
  2. Investing in landscapes for green returns (more info)
  3. Climate change and low emissions development on the ground (more info)
  4. Linking food, forests and landscapes (more info)
  5. Changing communities, sustainable landscapes and equitable development (more info)
  • Two references who could comment on your understanding of forest issues and ability to moderate a discussion
  • Whether you are already planning to attend the conference or whether you would need travel support

to Michelle Kovacevic at by 5pm GMT, Sunday 16 March.

Selected participants will be invited to a Skype meeting on 19, 20 or 21 March.

How else can I get involved?

To help guide our discussions we want YOU to tell us about the major challenges facing young forestry professionals in Southeast Asia.

Invite your networks to take part:

The organisers

The Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) is a nonprofit, global facility dedicated to advancing human wellbeing, environmental conservation and equity by conducting research that enables more informed and equitable decision making about the use and management of forests in less-developed countries.

The International Forestry Students’ Association is a global network connecting tertiary level students in forest science and related disciplines. IFSA operates as a not-for-profit, 100% student led organisation, with the aims of promoting global cooperation among forestry students, enriching forestry education, facilitating collaboration with international partner organisations, and providing a voice for youth in international forest policy processes.

YPARD is an international movement by young professionals for Young Professionals for Agricultural Development. YPARD operates as a collective global on-line and off-line communication and discussion platform and is meant to enable young professionals all over the world to realize their full potential and contribute towards innovative agricultural development.

For more information:

Find the original call and more information on the official website of the Forest Asia Summit, May 2014, Indonesia