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Youth Workshop on The Future of Resource Management

In preparation for the Resource Summit to be held in Berlin, Germany in 2013, the HBS offices in Kenya and Ethiopia are calling for applicants from Ethiopia, Kenya, North Sudan, South Sudan, South Central Somalia/Somaliland/Puntland and Tanzania to participate in a regional 3-days residential workshop to be held between  5th - 10th, November 2012 in Nairobi, Kenya. This workshop will apply the Future Workshop  methodology to identify topics and innovative approaches of young people with regard to resource policy. Two to three delegates from the Future Workshop in 2012, shall then be sent to the Resource Summit in Berlin, and the participants of the workshops will engage in national follow-up activities with the HBS offices. Requirement for Applicants to the Future Workshop:
  • One should be a young person of up to 35 years.
  • One should have some insight in the resource topic (such as oil/gas, minerals, coal, land/soil, water, forests, biodiversity) but does not have to be a high profile expert in the field.
  • Workshop will be in English. Therefore, one needs to have English language skills, sufficient not only for following the proceedings but also for contributing actively.
  • The applicant will be required to submit either an essay or a poem or an art piece with a synopsis on the state of natural resources today and a vision for the future in their own country (between 700 -1000 words).
Applications must be submitted by email to Mr. Ayele Kebede - by Friday 31st August 2012. Download the following file for more information: Call for Resource Summit (Kenya)