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Welcoming YPARD Colombia Country Representative: Silfredo Fuentes Chiquillo

YPARD is delighted to welcome Silfredo Fuentes Chiquillo as the new Country Representative for Colombia. 

Silfredo is a rural youth born in the Department of Córdoba, Colombia, Municipality of Moñitos, Vereda Membrillal. He is an Entrepreneur and social leader, by profession. A Business Administrator dedicated to social work and contributing to the formation and creation of Associated Teams of Rural Communities.

He is the Co-Founder of Fundación Planeta Rural, and since 2018 he is in charge of the Community Management Area of the Foundation,  Since 2012 he founded and manages the Association of small producers in the community of Membrillal, which is a microenterprise of small farmers whose function is to produce the land, within the same effort he managed to bring together 13 rural microenterprises for the year 2019 and today he is the Manager of the Association of second-level Asoagrocord where the goal is to contribute to creating a country based on unity and teamwork. Born in a family of 5 brothers all of whom are farmers, but with social vocation and the desire for improvement, his peasant father and teacher mother trained them with the best principles.

Within his experience he traveled to Ecuador with the Mission of transformation of the countryside, he also traveled to the People's Republic of China to take a course in agricultural technology, which he expresses has been one of the most important milestones in his life as this experience has provided him with many lessons which he replicates in his country today. 

In the same way, he traveled to the United States to train in soft skills, which has allowed him to have the capacity to learn by doing. He is also the current leader of Corporación PBA Multiplicador, which is committed to providing support to strengthen the rural and participatory development of small-scale producers in Colombia.

In the areas of advocacy, he is a member of the National Roundtable on Employability and Entrepreneurship, which is a commitment to the integration of rural organizations in Colombia. He is also a member of the National Roundtable on Rural Education. 

Within the  Rural Planet Foundation, he worked on Empowering Rural Youth to address challenges such as zero hunger, no poverty, climate change and rural-urban youth migration. Here he was able to contribute to:

  • Strengthen the capacities of rural youth
  • Creating opportunities in the territory
  • Promote the creation of social businesses in favor of rural youth and their development

In 2017 he was recognized by the JCI International Junior Chamber as one of the 10 Most Outstanding Young People in Colombia, followed by participating in the call to be a candidate for Fellows Acumen 2019, which culminated in satisfaction. Today he is a part of the first cohort for Colombia to exercise a different leadership from that way of addressing poverty and also integrates the Board of Directors of the Youth Association of the town of beautiful Cohita Moñitos Cordoba (Asojobell).

Welcome on Board, Silfredo Fuentes Chiquillo!

If you are from or based in Colombia, and want to get involved in YPARD Colombia activities, please contact Silfredo at

Picture credit: Silfredo Fuentes Chiquillo