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Paper: Integrating Youth in Climate Change Adaptation - COP17 IKS SideEvent

The African Young Scientists Initiative on Climate Change and Indigenous Knowledge Systems (AYSICCIKS) organized round table discussions and Exhibition (Nov 29-30) during COP17 UN Conference in Durban, South Africa.The side event was about the Role of Indigenous Knowledge, Young Scientists and Youth on Climate Change. The focus was on indigenous knowledge strategies on food security and health in climate change for vulnerable groups.On day 2, Ms. Anke Weisheit presented a paper on "Herbalist Institutional Development for Integrating Young Scientists/ Youth in Climate Change Adaption and Mitigation in Lake Bunyonyi Region, West Uganda".Ms. Anke Weisheit is taskforce Leader, establishing the Institute of IKS, Mbarara, University of Science and Technology in Mbarara, Uganda. For more information about the paper, please contact her.