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Mission 2026: Acting now to support youth in agriculture - [YPARD at Tropentag]

acting now to support youth in agricultureLooking back, what actions will the youth of tomorrow wish today’s custodians had taken to improve the agricultural sector of 2026 and their place in it?

An interactive session on the 19th of September 2016, 09:00 - 12:00 h, at Tropentag

The young professionals for agricultural development (YPARD) are inviting young people and partners to come together to define the best way(s) to support the youth in today’s fast-paced, changing environment.

In this workshop, youth will have a space to share their visions and aspirations for agricultural development and their future roles in agriculture. Stakeholders from Universities, the employment sector and youth networks will work with the young professionals on what the future young professional should be and how we can work together today to support that vision and build a common vision.

We will explore questions like:

  • How has the situation changed in the last ten years, for agriculture and youth’s participation in the sector? What are the primary drivers and influencers of this change?

  • What are the different perceptions between different stakeholder groups; can we confront those differences and see where we see convergence and an enabling environment?

  • Could we identify crucial competencies the youth should build and how we can achieve it?

The guiding principle of this activity is that all stakeholders share a common goal: shaping a strong youth-led future that will engage young people in innovative and sustainable agricultural related activities. Youth will be the central vision as future agents and beneficiaries, which the others are supporting partners. How can we build upon the supporters’ visions to help the young people achieve their vision? Where are the commonalities and linkages and where do the visions diverge? Can these be reconciled? 

We are seeking individuals in the employment sector (private sector, NGOs/CSOs, research and others) and education in agriculture to take part in this dynamic, participative and informative activity, together with young professionals and students. Will you be attending Tropentag? If the response is "Yes", let us know about your interest in joining YPARD's workshop; please contact info(at) 

Note that this call is for confirmed Tropentag' participants only. 

Detailed information can be found here

Picture credit: Hansjürg Jäger (YPARD)