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"Dragons" urge youth to take reigns of power

"Dragons" urge youth to take reigns of power“I’m tired of hearing the young generation are the future. Why? Because it implies that group is marginal. We tend to be involved in these decision-making processes because youth is ‘colorful,’ youth is ‘dynamic.’ But actually what we require is to be seriously and honestly involved at the centre of processes.”

Florent Kaiser, former president of the International Forestry Students Association (IFSA)

Last weekend in Peru, 200 people discussed, debated and presented ideas on key landscape issues at the Global Landscapes Forum Youth Session. Described by World Bank vice president and special envoy for climate change, Rachel Kyte as “one of the more interesting things I’m going to be doing for all of the COP”, the youth session generated a series of recommendations, which can be found below.

Our work with young people in landscapes sectors is only just beginning. We are currently conducting a thorough review of our entire program and, in the lead up to Paris, want to pilot more creative and collaborative problem solving events and a stronger skill building program.

To ensure that we effect change in 2015 — the year of action on climate change and sustainable development — we are going to need a strong network.

You can start by checking out the amazing work being done by our youth partners – the International Forestry Students Association (IFSA), YPARD and The Global Agroecology Alliance (GAEA).

Watch this space.

Youth session outcomes

At the youth session, 100 young people under 30 – along with 50 senior professionals – divided into groups to brainstorm innovative ideas for integrated land use.

Tools to master your skills - resources from the youth masterclasses

Covering how to pitch an idea, facilitate a discussion, network effectively and think critically on landscapes, the masterclasses provided youth with critical skills to improve their participation in the Global Landscapes Forum.

We’ve openly published some key resources on our masterclass page: