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YPARD Serbia invitation to the International student week in Belgrade (ISWIB)

International student week in Belgrade (ISWIB)YPARD Serbia is happily presenting a newly built collaboration with International Student Week in Belgrade (ISWIB), which will take place in Belgrade from 16th to 24th of July, 2017.

ISWIB is an international educational and cultural festival that takes place in Belgrade, Serbia. During this one week, participants are involved in various workshops dealing with the imminent problems of today’s world using different methods such as: biotech, musicals, yoga, pictures, discussion, IT etc. It is a place of sharing ideas and beliefs with counterparts from all around the world in an environment free of prejudices, violence, xenophobia and hate speech. It is also where you get in touch with outstanding professionals in diverse fields working to improve the local society or starting up new projects.

The theme of this year’s ISWIB is: Youth strikes back!

The most interesting activity for young professionals interested in agriculture will be the following workshops:

Breathe Me In which uses the method of landscape architecture and deals with the issue of green urban spaces.

Environment Is Us which uses the method of biohacking: the participants will inspect the interactions between people, nature and environment, by measuring the quality of air, water and a few other elements, using measuring sensors made by participants and moderators.

Other interesting workshops will tackle issues of gender, social norms, human rights, yoga etc.

Together with Slow Food Convivium Velika Plana, YPARD Serbia will present the agricultural and gastronomic heritage of Serbia to local and international participants. After the international student week is over interested participants are welcome to stay in Serbia and learn more about agriculture and food. For further information regarding the organization and logistics, please contact

The participation fee for ISWIB is 150€ which includes accommodation, food (3 meals per day), residential fee, all workshop expenses, certificate and a T-shirt.

 YPARDians from all over the world are welcome to join and enjoy this event.

Picture credit: ISWIB

For more details on this event, visit the ISWIB website.