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High Level Youth Policy Dialogue on Sustainable Development Goals

The UN High Level Panel report on the Post-2015 Development Agenda released on 30 May 2013 calls on the world to ‘leave no one behind’, a critical landmark in youth-led ‘ campaign to see the world’s new development framework inclusive of young people’s perspectives and aspirations. The Report outlines the importance of ‘leaving no one behind’, and in particular calls for creation of decent jobs and improving the livelihood of young people.
The Organisation of African Youth and partners are convening a High Level Youth Policy Dialogue on SDGs to be held in August 2014 in Nairobi, Kenya as an African youth event, open to international youth, with an aim of gathering and strengthening political commitment for governments to support prioritizing investment in youth development in the post-2015 era. The meeting will cultivate on the recommendations made by young people and create political goodwill for African countries to champion the youth agenda at the intergovernmental negotiations (September 2014-September 2015).
The policy dialogue is a platform for young people to lobby their government at the highest decision making level to recognize the Post-2015 Agenda as a perfect opportunity to target inclusive and sustainable growth that devotes more attention to higher standards and to outcomes that improve the quality of young people’s lives. The new framework must put young people at the core of the targets and indicators aimed at poverty reduction, enhanced access to clean water, quality education, urban development, decent jobs, sexual and reproductive health, healthcare and improved agricultural technologies.
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High Level Youth Policy Dialogue on Sustainable Development Goals