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Addressing the Challenges to Ending Global Hunger

Today there are 805 million chronically undernourished people in our world. While this figure is far too high, it also reflects great progress. In the past decade alone, extreme poverty has been cut in half and 100 million people have escaped from hunger—a result of the combined efforts of governments, civil society organizations, world leaders, and especially hungry people themselves. The 2014 Global Hunger Index (GHI) and 2015 Roadmap Policy Brief both examine the current state of global hunger and discuss strategies that will help improve U.S. policies and enable global hunger and malnutrition targets to be met.

This panel will discuss the GHI and Policy Brief’s findings as well as successes and failures in hunger reduction and the use of smart strategies which aim to make food insecurity a problem of the past. The presentations will include a call to action for the audience to support and advocate for the four main Roadmap Recommendations.

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