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YPARD Italy - BCFN: the future of food from the youth perspective

Few days before the World Food day (16th of October), the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition Foundation (BCFN Foundation) organized a press lunch to present the 8th International Forum on Food and Nutrition.

The BCFN Foundation is a multidisciplinary research centre analyzing the causes and effects that economic, scientific, social and environmental relationships have on nutrition. It produces scientific content that can be used to inform and help people with a responsible choice regarding nutrition, health and sustainability. The BCFN Forum is, therefore, an international event that, through dialogue and networking, aims to find concrete solutions to the challenges of the current food system.

The 2017 Forum, which will take place on the 4th and 5th of December in Milano with the patronage of World Food Program Italy, will present:

  • The new Food Sustainability Index, that has this year has added 9 countries to the first 25: Spain, Morocco, Greece, Portugal, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, plus Sweden and Hungary;
  • The Food Sustainability Media Award, which in its first edition has collected 500 proposals from 72 countries around the world, including articles (over 330), photos (80), videos (over 80);
  • The study carried out in collaboration with MacroGeo on migration and food in the Euro-Mediterranean area, which analyzes resources, flows and migratory routes in relation to food and food systems;
  • Families and young people with children's fairy tales made by the father of the circular economy Gunter Pauli;
  • BCFN, YES !, a competition that this year also addresses post-docs and researchers fellows under 35 proposing projects that promote sustainable agri-food systems.

The 4th of December will be entirely devoted to new generations of students and researchers: BCNF will voice international networks and listen to their proposals for the future of food. For that, YPARD Italy will take part in the event to raise awareness and to create new flourishing collaborations.

For more information about the occurrence, visit here the BCFN page. 

Picture credit: Picture 1 BCFN, picture 2 virginia cravero