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World Village Conference 2016 in Indonesia-call for participants

World Village Conference 2016 is an event to celebrate village ecosystem, packed with inspiring speakers, skill-building programme and a variety of exciting opportunities. Village Enthusiasts from every field like major industries, stakeholders, government, NGO, young generations, diplomat will collaborate to fulfill visitor’s needs.

With Purwakarta, the city of village-based industry, as the host, this event will give result of inspiring activities and endeavours which everyone has been anticipating. Secure your spot at World Village Conference and be one of future Village-Industry Enthusiasts.

Event Opportunities

This comprehensive one stop village-based industry learning center brings together both local and global stakeholders and decision makers for educational and economic collaboration. Potential and opportunity exploration areas:

  • Network Building
  • Collaboration and Partnership
  • Training and Workshop
  • Village-Based Industry Entrepreneurship
  • Market Access


  1. Are 17 – 30 year old
  2. Are passionate in village development. You are willing, and especially enjoying, to educate and live with villagers
  3. Have understanding on how to develop village economy while preserving the culture.
  4. Fall under one of these categories:
  • University students around the world who have understanding on village-based economy, agriculture, culture-based economy or any field related to village-industry.
  • University students around the world who have experience in village development.
  • NGO representatives who have experience or deep enthusiasm on village development and village-based industry.
  • Researcher or academician who have knowledge and can add value on developing village economy while preserving its culture.
  • Business owner or professionals who are interested in investing in Purwakarta village industry.
  • Have no prior village development but are very passionate in it. However, you have to have a very convincing post-program action plan.
  • Applicants must be members of (or affiliated with) non-government and non-for-profit youth-led organizations, networks, initiatives or movements (led by youth for the benefit of youth) and have the ability to consult with and reach a wider group of young people, audience or network.
  • The applicant understands English very well; possesses intermediate to fluent levels of English, which allow her/him to participate to the conversation and input.
  • The applicant holds an international passport valid until at least November 30, 2016. (For a visa to be issued, a passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months after the expected date of entry into Indonesia).


The Government of Purwakarta Regency, in association with Asia Pacific Consultants for Integrated Development, is inviting 150 selected young leaders to participate in the WVC 2016. The participants will not only get involved in workshops and discussion with international prominent speakers, home-stay and knowledge sharing with the locals in Purwakarta, and networking dinner with industry and business stakeholders. The agenda is arranged to ensure all participants are sufficiently equipped with the experience of both villager and industry in order to become village-industry ambassadors in their respective countries.


In order to assist the participants in the program, Purwakarta Regency will cover:

  • Hotel, meals, and accommodation
  • Transportation from and to airport and the venue in Purwakarta.

More information at World Village Conference 2016 in Indonesia-call for participants

World Village Conference 2016 in Indonesia-call for participants