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World Student Summit for Sustainability 2012

 The World Student Community for Sustainable Development (WSCSD) in partnership with the University of Nairobi and UNEP’s Environmental Education and Training Unit (EETU) is organizing the 2012 World Students Summit for Sustainability to be held at the Multimedia University College, Nairobi, Kenya from 12th – 16th  November, 2012.The 2012 World Student Summit for Sustainability (S3 2012) is the first annual WSCSD summit to be held in Africa. The summit will focus on developing a common understanding of a green economy and how youth energy, action and innovation can be harnessed for an enhance impact in sustainable development. The summit topics will focus on energy, waste, water, food and transport. Apart from keynote speeches, poster presentations and group discussions, practical activities will also be incorporated into the summit. Ultimately, it will foster formation of partnerships for collaborative efforts towards a Green Economy and Sustainable Development. GoalTo build the students’ understanding and enhance their actions towards achieving a Green Economy. Objectives
  1. To share and document students’ sustainability efforts and engage students, universities and development partners in laying a foundation for a green economy.
  2. To enhance understanding of the Green Economy concept and to increase action towards green entrepreneurship by providing a platform for student-student and student-professional interactions.
  3. To increase collaborative responses and actions towards the Green Economy by fostering university-industry partnerships.
  4. To prioritize youth action towards the Green Economy and Sustainable Development.
Activities Pre-summit:
  1. Engage students, universities and sponsors to lay the foundation for a successful summit within all of the five focus topics (energy, food, water, waste and transport);
  2. Initiate the design and construction of a model “Green House” assembled from used cargo containers;
  3. Create a collaborative educational film – “We Are One” – documenting students’ grassroot actions towards a Green society
During the Summit:
  1. Three days of presentations, round-table discussions
  2. A special workshop on green entrepreneurship
  3. Launch of a mobile sustainability exhibition showcasing everyday sustainable living in shipping cargo containers
  1. Nourishing mentorship, networking, and business support for green careers through Green Fellowship.
  2. Mobilising global students’ action in transforming the impoverished Nyakongo village, Kenya into a model Sustainable Village.
  3. Developing educational activities to support reorientation of curricula towards sustainable development at universities globally.
  4. Screening of the film “We Are One” all over the world through community leaders.
 Outcomes The summit will produce enhanced understanding of a green economy, inspired action and collaborative student-run projects focused on promoting sustainable and resilient communities in developing countries. Concretely, the summit will result in:
  1. Improved understanding and capacity of university students worldwide on a Green Economy.
  2. Creation of a virtual sustainability education and learning platform targeting university students and young professionals providing information on innovative technologies and social engineering solutions  for green societies.
  3. Launch of a sustainable development plan for a rural Kenyan village – Nyakongo.
  4. Establishment of a Green Fellowship Program for students motivated to launch green careers and innovative enterprises after the summit.
Participants About 150 (80 Kenyan; 70 International) well selected students, academics, young entrepreneurs and policymakers will gather in Nairobi to share their insights on a green economy and to learn from each other. Plenary sessions will be video streamed online to allow more students to participate in the summit at a reduced cost and impact on the environment.For more information, kindly visit the the official website: World Student Summit for Sustainability 2012