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A workshop on increasing Resilience through Improved on-Farm Storage

Farm products that are properly processed and stored can be a lifeline for smallholder farmers trying to break out of the feast/famine cycle. Secure storage can improve the resilience of an entire farm enterprise by improving the market value of crops, allowing farmers to be price makers rather than price takers, improving the variety and quality of food consumed by the farm household, and increasing the year-round availability of food and income.

AgResults, a multi-donor initiative funded by the governments of Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States, along with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is examining the efficacy of using pull mechanisms to promote the uptake of innovative technologies, and the efficacy of results-based economic incentives that contribute to improving smallholder resilience.

At the January Ag Sector Council seminar, representatives from AgResults will discuss the theoretical framework behind the Kenya On-Farm Storage Pilot, which works through the private sector with incentive payments to promote on-farm storage. This pilot activity and its tailor-made impact evaluation are already generating valuable information about constraints and structural factors that influence the storage habits of smallholder farmers.

 Join tomorrow’s workshop to learn more about this unique approach to strengthening farmer resilience through improved storage.

More information at Increasing Resilience through Improved On-Farm Storage

A workshop on increasing Resilience through Improved on-Farm Storage