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International conference on solutions to reduce food waste and food losses

Conference for the private sector, governments, researchers and civil society, incl. High Level Meeting.

FAO estimates that each year approximately one-third of all food produced for human consumption in the world is lost or wasted. A substantial part of food waste and food losses can be solved by technological innovation: a better infrastructure, better storage, more efficient distribution, better packaging, dosage and shelf life. But also social innovations – like a better and more efficient cooperation in the food supply chains and responsible consumer behaviour – play an important role. The Netherlands, together with the FAO, will organise an International conference on Solutions to reduce food waste and food losses. This conference will build on the Zero Hunger Challenge of the UN as well as on the recommendations of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS).

Objective of the conference
The 3-day conference will offer a platform to share experiences and demonstrate how combined action in partnerships for the reduction of food waste and losses can boost food security. The conference has an action-oriented approach. It will seek to launch pilots that can easily be scaled up and will aim to establish concrete commitments to reduce food waste and losses. It will also comprise a high level meeting of ministers and CEOs. The conference is intended as a platform to announce actions, to present success stories, and to show easy-to-copy pilots. The main outcome of the conference will be a concrete action plan, initiated and supported by private and public actors together. This conference will therefore include the private sector (food industry, farmers and retail), civil society, scientists and national and international policymakers. To this end, working sessions will be organised by multinationals as well as SME’s around cases and best practices with potential. What is working, what is still work in progress? We would welcome your contribution to this event!

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Draft programme

After an opening ceremony with keynote speakers who will introduce the themes and set the stage, the conference will address the following areas:

Technological innovations – Food losses in the fresh food supply chain: causes and solutions
Part of food waste could be solved by technological innovation. Better infrastructure, better storage and processing, and more efficient distribution. Innovations will be presented, analysed and discussed in areas like cold chain development, urban food supply, transport, food processing and packaging. Join the discussion or share your experience!

Social innovations – Can improved cooperation lead to less waste or losses in the supply chain?
Social innovation is key: More than 75 percent of all innovations in the private sector come from smarter operations and different ways of organisation. Innovations that contribute to smart and efficient supply chain cooperation and to awareness and responsible behaviour in policy-making, business and consumption will be presented, analysed and discussed. We would like you to share your best practices!

Valorisation of agricultural side streams and surpluses
Through valorisation of agricultural side streams and surpluses, losses can be changed into profits, provided this is in line with current legislation. Several examples of innovative, profitable use of agricultural side streams and surpluses will be discussed. Share your best practices and learn from companies in other countries!

Financial opportunities: who is going to invest? / Partnerships: who is going to commit?
Trust funds, cooperatives. What is the vision of the financial sector?

High level/ministerial meeting (conclusions, finalisation of action plan)
During the closing session an action plan will be adopted, which will cover the topics mentioned above. The action plan will partly be based on the recommendations by HLPE/CFS and partly by recommendations from the private sector, based on best practices and experiences.

International conference on solutions to reduce food waste and food losses