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Global Science Conference on Climate-Smart Agriculture 2011

The Global Science Conference on Climate-Smart Agriculture (GSCSA) 2011, organised by Wageningen UR, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the World Bank, will take place October 24 to 25 in Wageningen, the Netherlands.The GSCSA will bring together experts on climate-smart agriculture to provide a synthesis of the current state of knowledge in order to deliver a set of findings based on multi-disciplinary science and best practices. For agriculture to be given the right emphasis in future climate change agreements, tangible evidence to support actions is needed. GSCSA will demonstrate the potential for innovative sustainable landscape management practices in productivity enhancement, and climate change mitigation and adaptation. Scientific papers will illustrate the feasibility and constraints of climate-smart agriculture in different ecosystems across all regions.The conference includes both plenary and workgroup sessions. The workgroups will focus on identifying the state-of-the-art, on the future scientific agenda and on ways of implementation. The conclusions and recommendations resulting from the working groups will be summarized and integrated in a draft Science Declaration on Climate-Smart Agriculture that will be topic of discussion and endorsement during the last day. A final panel is intended to reflect on the way forward and future impact of the agreement. The target audience are scientists from OECD and developing countries, private and public sector as well as other non-state actors.Objectives of GSCSA 2011
  1. to take stock of the current state of global knowledge of the science and best practices concerning climate smart agriculture, in OECD and developing countries, and among private and public stakeholders;
  2. to identify key priorities for further knowledge development (follow up of the Down2Earth roadmap);
  3. to identify effective and efficient ways to implement possible interventions;
  4. to summarize key findings and recommendations in a Declaration that can feed following conferences.
The Global Science Conference on Climate-Smart Agriculture (GSCSA) will build on the achievements of the above-mentioned initiatives to elevate the profile of agriculture in a future climate change agreement. There is urgently a need to unearth the science of Climate-Smart Agriculture. There is a need to share knowledge and tools between scientists and policymakers. There is a need to make science more comprehensible so that identified best practices for enhanced productivity, increased resilience and low greenhouse gas emission agriculture can be effectively translated into policy actions.Deliverables ·         Inventory of the state of the art: What knowledge is available and what best practices can be identified. ·         Identifying the future agenda: What are scientific options for the future. ·         Implementation: How can we implement the identified options. ·         The Wageningen Science Declaration: A summary of articulated conclusions and recommendation than can be fed into various meetings like Durban, Vietnam and Rio plus 20. ·         Publications: Proceedings, abstracts and scientific results will be published.For more information about the conference objectives, logistics and the programme, visit the GSCSA 2011 website. In order to take part in the conference, register online.