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Engaging the Youth in development and decision-making processes-Experiences

Bhutan has a young population with 56 percent below 25 years of age. In recent times, sweeping changes in social, political and economic dynamics as a result of modernization and introduction of mass media has brought about significant challenges facing the youth of Bhutan.At least one youth comes in conflict with the law everyday in Bhutan with crimes ranging from malicious mischief to possession and consumption of controlled substances, assault, and battery. Read "a youth, a crime, a day" on Kuensel online. Among others, youth unemployment which touched 12.9 percent in 2009 has been pinned as one of the principle causes for a host of youth-related issues.A number of agencies are seeking to address youth issues and channel this robust young energy in productive engagements. These initiatives are commendable for being innovative, need-based and in the recognition of the resourcefulness of the younger generation. However, there seems to exist a gap particularly pertaining to engaging, or providing the space for the younger generation to participate and contribute in the decision making processes particularly for those policies that have an immediate bearing upon them.At this backdrop, could SE members share their experiences and thoughts on some of the “best practices” that have been applied to allow the youth to contribute to and influence planning and policy making?For example, could a social networking platform be used to allow the youth to partake in a forum, but also to stimulate discussions by providing their perspective and expressing their experiences, challenges and expectations with the objective of influencing the policies and programmes pertaining to themselves?Your contributions will help come up with workable approaches in creating opportunities/avenues for young people to participate responsibly in the democratic processes and civic decision making.Contribute to the discussions on "Solution Exchange Bhutan": Engaging the youth in development and decision-making processes. Advice; Experiences. Reply by 5 December 2012.