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Drones for Farming Conference

The National Centre for Precision Farming (NCPF) UAS Interest Group is hosting a one day seminar comprising talks and workshops for farmers, agronomists and those interested in the use of drones in farming. The event will take place at the NCPF at Harper Adams University in Shropshire. As well as providing a comprehensive introduction to those interested in the use of drones in agriculture a series of revolving workshops will focus on practical options for adopting the new technology.  

The use of drones in precision agriculture is growing and this event has been designed especially for those interested in the use of drones for agriculture. The morning session will comprise a series of talks which will provide an insight into the potential of drones in farming. The talks scheduled are as follows:

  • Jim Wilson (farmer and Nuffield scholar) - Soil essentials - Jim will be talking about a project to provide farms with their own drones.
  • Andrew Williamson (farmer and Nuffield scholar) - Andrew will talk about his experience using drone data to inform management decisions and the potential of using this kind of data for farmers.
  • Eric Ober (NIAB TAG) - Eric is a crop physiologist and will be talking about the use of drone data in his research, in particular how drone data is used to understand crop physiology.
  • Jonathan Gill (Harper Adams University) Overview of the latest drones, applications, services, prices and limitations.
  • Mark Jarman (URSULA Agriculture) - Mark will be giving an insight into the current use of satellite imagery in agriculture.
  • Speaker to be announced (SOYL) - How we use drones in agriculture.

The afternoon session will consist of five revolving workshops which will start with a 15 minute presentation followed by question and answer sessions. Delegates will be able to attend all five workshops to make the most of their day. These workshops will be organised to provide information/insight into the use of drones in farming for three different types of potential user:

  • Users who would like to own their own drone to capture their own images
  • Users who would like to own a drone to capture their own data but want to outsource  the data analysis
  • Users who would like to use a drone service that provides image and data capture plus analysis.

There will also been demonstration flights provided by KOREC during the day.

BASIS members will receive 6 CPD points for attending this event.


£30 per person (as this is a one day educational conference it is VAT exempt)


For further information, or if you're interested in leading a UAS workshop at this event, please contact:

Lee Williams
Business Development Officer
National Centre for Precision Farming
Tel: +44 (0)1952 815244