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2017 APEC climate center training program announcement

The APEC Climate Center (APCC) is hosting a training program on statistical downscaling for developing countries. This year’s program is entitled “User-oriented Statistical Downscaling of Climate Information in Agriculture and Water Resources” and will be held from 21 to 26 August, 2017, in APCC located in Busan, Republic of Korea. We are now accepting applications from candidates for the upcoming program until 31st May, 2017.The 1-week program aims to provide an introduction to statistical downscaling for climate change scenarios and seasonal prediction, and to guide participants in applying the produced data to the fields of agriculture and water resources. We will be supporting successful candidates with airfare, accommodation and per-diem for the duration of the program. Located in Busan, South Korea, APCC aims to realize the APEC vision of regional prosperity by providing climate information services and technical support for better regional planning and reduction of economic losses caused by adverse climate conditions. APCC produces real-time operational climate prediction information based on a well-validated multi-model ensemble system, with contributions from over 17 institutes in the APEC region. APCC contributes to building capacity in prediction and monitoring of weather and climate in the Asia-Pacific region by making available costly climate data and information. Countries without the capacity to produce their own climate predictions are able to access optimized, high-cost global climate predictions produced by APCC. In furtherance of the effort, APCC has been hosting training programs for developing countries since 2011 as a part of its capacity building program, inviting climate scientists to our Center in Busan. Candidates are required to submit the application form and the recommendation letter no later than May 31st, 2017 by email to this address ( Among the candidates, 20 participants will be selected through the screening process and invited to the APEC Climate Center.More information can be found here.
APEC Climate Center