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The 2015 Building a Healthier Future Summit

The Building a Healthier Future Summit is one of the USA’s premiere gatherings of health experts, policy makers and business and industry leaders committed to ending childhood obesity. The Summit provides a unique opportunity for those in the private sector to sit with their nonprofit, academic and government counterparts to address an issue critical to the future of this country’s health and well-being. It is about action, not talk. It is about bringing leaders together in ways that will create new opportunities. It is about walking away with tangible, actionable solutions that will indeed help us to make the healthy choice the easy choice for all Americans, regardless of where they live, work or play.

Continuing the momentum of past summits, the 2015 Summit promises to build on past successes by bringing all leaders with a role in Building a Healthier Future together. If you or your organization strive to make the healthy choice the easy choice for parents and families, and you're ready to look for solutions not problems, you cannot miss this industry-leading opportunity to get involved at the national level.