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Monitoring and Evaluation Expert

Within the framework of the Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP), FAO is working with TAP partner organizations, the TAP Global Task Force and the TAP Capacity Development (CD) Expert Group, to foster greater coherence of capacity development in tropical agriculture and to strengthen interaction for more harmonized CD. The CD Expert Group brings together experts for the development of a common Framework on Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems. It will consist of a resourced core group of three experts and a wider group of experts from TAP Partners providing in-kind contributions. The three core experts require specialized knowledge in one the following areas each: Capacity Development (CD) for Agricultural Innovation Systems (AIS), Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Experts in the wider group are expected to contribute specialized knowledge in one or more of these areas. Their work will build on existing knowledge and resources including on materials compiled and reviewed conducted in 2014. The critical task for the CD for AIS and M&E experts is to develop the CD Framework for AIS ensuring that it is anchored in good development effectiveness and good capacity development practice[2], that it is based on a thorough environmental scan and that it is useful for all TAP Partners as well as governments and other stakeholders, while the ICT expert will develop the concept of the information management and knowledge sharing system TAPipedia.
The expert will be responsible for the design of an effective and participatory M&E and impact assessment approach for capacity development interventions in AIS as part of the CD Framework.She/he should ensure that the Framework keeps a focus on CD for AIS, that all dimension of CD (individuals, organizations, enabling environment) as well as technical and functional capacities are addressed and that the M&E and impact assessment approach is consistent with the proposed needs assessment tools.
Under the overall supervision of the Chief, of the Research and Extension Unit, and in collaboration with the Agricultural Research Officer the consultant will be responsible for the following tasks:
  • Provide feedback to CD in agriculture consultant on M&E and impact assessment approaches of the review prepared during the preparation phase in order to identify good practices and gaps to be filled.
  • Based on the review and as part of the CD Framework for AIS, adapt / develop the components of an overall approach for M&E and impact assessment (IA) of CD interventions, including (1) M&E and IA concepts, definitions and guidelines, (2) M&E and IA strategic planning tools, (3) detailed design of quantitative, qualitative and participatory methods for operations/process monitoring as well as evaluation of results:
  • Design the formats and procedures for recording, reporting and analysing progress and for evaluating results and assessing impact (baseline development, logical frameworks, impact pathways, theories of change, etc.);
  • Design performance targets, benchmarks and indicators;
  • Design methods for sampling, data collection, data management and analysis of results;
  • Specify the relationship of M&E and impact assessment and the requirements and available techniques for impact assessment of CD interventions (giving consideration on how to assess impacts after the end of a project).
  • Collaborate with CD expert to ensure consistency and complementarity of guidelines and tools;
  • Prepare the M&E and impact assessment sections of the CD Framework for AIS document integrating contributions by wider CD Expert Group.

Key performance indicators

Expected Outputs:
Required Completion Date:
  • Feedback on M&E and impact assessment parts of review document provided to CD consultant  
  • Draft M&E and impact assessment sections of the CD Framework provided to the CD consultant
  • Assist CD consultant to discuss draft CD Framework with wider CD Expert Group (workshop) and integrate their feedback related to M&E and impact assessment into the framework document
  • Feedback on M&E and impact assessment from CD Global Task Force addressed in CD Framework
28 February 2015
15 May 2015
30 June 2015
25 July 2015


Advanced university degree or equivalent in agriculture, agricultural education, rural development, agricultural economics
Technical competencies and Experience Requirements
The consultant should have
  • At least seven years’ experience in M&E system design (planning approaches, monitoring procedures) and conducting M&E, preferably with experience related to M&E in capacity development projects and to M&E in the context of developing countries;
  • Record of working with both quantitative and qualitative research methods and analytical tools;
  • Solid understanding of impact assessment acquired through training or practice;
  • Solid understanding of capacity development and agricultural innovation systems;
  • Demonstrated ability to interact with other team members;
  • Strong analytical and excellent writing skills in English.


Interested applicants are required to create an online Personal Profile Form (PPF) in FAO iRecruitment. To create the PPF, please follow the instructions available at:
Indicating the job ID given above, the PPF should be sent via e-mail to:
Deadline for application: 14 September 2014
Applications received after the closing date will not be given consideration. Only short listed candidates will be contacted.


Monitoring and Evaluation Expert