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International Competition: What’s Working in Youth Employment? - Short Deadline!

The Youth Employment Network (YEN) and the ILO’s Youth Employment Programme (YEP) have come together to create the “What’s Working?” competition to find out what strategies and approaches are working and share them among the youth employment community. The competition highlights success stories. Organizations who have had positive results from their youth employment projects can submit a Smart Note about their project, including why they think it worked and what lessons they learned. The winners are selected through online voting, comments, and a judges panel. The winning projects will have their Smart Note published on the website and receive a monetary award. The result of the competition will be a series of Smart Notes published on the YEN Marketplace website. How Does the Competition Work?
  • Entries are submitted under a chosen theme for the competition
  • YEN screens the entries and qualifying entries are posted on the Marketplace
  • The competition starts and Marketplace members can discuss the projects and vote on their favourites
  • The voting and comments are closed and the judges panel makes their review and final selection
  • The winning applicants are informed and the final Smart Notes are submitted
  • The winning Smart Notes are published and the awards are presented
  • The project described in the Smart Note must be targeted at young people
  • The applicant must be personally involved in the project and have the consent of the project manager
  • The competition is open to all countries
  • YEN and YEP reserve the right to visit the project either themselves or through their partners to verify the authenticity of the project before awarding a prize.
The winners will have their Smart Note published on the YEN Marketplace website, and there will also be a monetary award for the top three. The competition may also award Special Mentions to projects that did not win, but showed exceptional merit. The deadline to enter is May 20, 2012 at midnight and the deadline to vote is May 24, 2012 at noon. Results will be announced on May 25, 2012. For more information, visit this link.