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Individual consultant to undertake editorial services- FARA

FARA seeks a competent and experienced individual consultant to provide editorial services under a time-based contract agreement.


The objective of this assignment is to ensure that FARA publications are prepared for printing in a timely fashion, and that they adhere to house style and professional business English.


Specifically, the consultant will undertake the following tasks.

  1. Provide extensive editing and proofreading for FARA official documents which amongst others include annual reports, annual work plans and budgets, research reports, media releases and news articles, technical papers advertisements, brochures and flyers.
  2. Edit and proofread material and be capable of adjusting writing style for various targeted audience;
  3. Provide recommendations for improving presentation of information.

The editorial work shall adhere to the following levels:

  • Substantive editing. The Editor must understand the importance of the document and work to ensure that the intent of the author(s) is not distorted. Substantive editing involves considerable rewriting, rearrangement of text, reworking figures and tables and checking all citations and bibliographic references.
  • Copy editing. This level is far less demanding but nonetheless very important. The editor must ensure that FARA house style is adhered to, that all technical names are correct, and that the material presented is politically neutral. Punctuation, capitalization and the general appearance of the document must be consistent and correct. All references must be thoroughly checked.
  • Proofreading. This is the last stage of editing. The editor reads through the entire document, checking for consistency and accuracy. Of particular importance are the table of contents and the list of acronyms.
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