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Call for Volunteers for AVPN 2016 Conference!

The AVPN Conference  is going to Hong Kong! After 3 years in Singapore, it is now moving to other Asian cities to tap deeper into the social investing and philanthropy markets there. If you have an interest in learning more about venture philanthropy and social investing, then the AVPN Conference is the best platform to find out what is currently making great strides forward in the field.


AVPN is looking for well-presented Volunteers for different roles that range from coordinating its sessions and managing its international speakers and experts, reporting its sessions and to support the conference hosting, registration and welcome processes.

In return for volunters’ time with helping at this year’s Conference an extremely rewarding experience for all involved, it will offer them the opportunity to meet some of the world’s best known leaders from social finance, commerce, governmental and academic sectors.

They will also have the opportunity to meet organisations supported by some of AVPN members to see first-hand the benefits of impact investment partnerships in practice.


This is a strictly by invitation only event which you can gain exclusive access to by contacting to discuss your interest in supporting the 2016 AVPN Conference as a valued Volunteer.

Find more information at Call for Volunteers for AVPN 2016 Conference!


Call for Volunteers for AVPN 2016 Conference!