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Call for Nominations for WOCAN Board Member Candidates

The Nominating Committee of the Board of Directors is currently accepting nominations for three positions on WOCAN's Board of Directors. All WOCAN members are invited to submit names for consideration by the Committee, by 31 August 2014.


To more effectively support WOCAN's goal to support women's leadership in the management of agriculture and natural resources to achieve sustainable development and poverty alleviation, the Board is currently looking to expand its membership to better represent engagement under WOCAN's purview.

Nominees should meet the following general criteria:

  • WOCAN membership in good standing (including being up-to-date on membership dues);
  • Familiarity with issues of gender and women in agriculture and natural resource management and commitment to women's empowerment and gender equality
  • An existing professional network with which to expand the scope of WOCAN supporters, partners and potential funders;
  • Experience and education enabling effective contributions to development and implementation of a comprehensive organizational strategic plan;
  • Interest and ability to represent WOCAN and effectively communicate its advocacy messages in national, regional and global contexts;
  • Previous participation in a board;
  • Adherence to WOCAN's principles (

Further, WOCAN seeks to include some or all of the following areas of knowledge and expertise for its expanded board composition:

  • Investment; including venture capital, impact investing and social entrepreneurial experience;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program management;
  • Private or corporate philanthropy;
  • Corporate Supply Chain Management (SCM);
  • Certification or accreditation frameworks and their administration;
  • Marketing and market development;
  • Social impact measurement;
  • Forestry, agriculture, renewable energy, waste water and water supply management;
  • Experience in international contexts, particularly the global south

Board Structure

The Board of Directors consists of both official and ex-officio members. Official members include members who have responsibility for strategic decisions for the organization, hiring and supporting the Executive Director and preparing annual meetings to approve programs and budgets. Non-voting, ex-officio members currently include the WOCAN Executive Director.
The members of the Board of Directors serve without compensation, although travel costs associated with Board service are paid for by the organization.

Board Member Responsibilities

  • commit to a three year term of office;
  • attend the Board of Directors in-person meeting, at least once every year;
  • participate in regularly scheduled monthly teleconference meetings;
  • participate in one or more informal board committees or working groups;
  • respond to electronic communications in a timely manner, i.e., emails, teleconference calls, etc.;
  • understand that the Board of Directors is responsible for the policy making of the organization, and adhering to its the bylaws;
  • understand the fiscal oversight responsibilities of the Board of Directors, who review and approve the use of WOCAN funds, including reviewing and accepting the Treasurer's Report and approving an annual budget;
  • understand the Board of Directors appoints and instructs the Executive Director, as per the terms of reference, but does not engage in the day-to-day management of organizational activities;
  • contributes time and the value of personal or professional networks, and assists in securing financial resources for the organization;
  • represents the organization as a speaker or attendee in events, with the help of staff.  

WOCAN strives for a balance in gender and geographic representation, as well as relevant personal and professional experience, in forming the composition of its board.

Information on members of the current Board of Directors is found at
The Committee is requesting the following information on those individuals put forward:
  • name and contact information,
  • a current Curriculum Vitae,
  • a letter of intent (motivational letter) and/or statement from the individual outlining the reasons for wanting to serve and outlining what he or she can contribute to the organization,
  • endorsement from 3 WOCAN members (including one from current member of the Board, WOCAN  Coordinator, or Executive Director)

The Nominating Committee will review submissions and suggestions received in September and produce the slate of candidates for elections before 30 September 2014. The new Board of Directors will be announced in November 2014.

The deadline for receipt of information of potential candidates is 31 August 2014. Please forward all the necessary information to: or WOCAN (Women Organizing for Change in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management), United Center, Level, 41, 323 Silom Road, Bangkok, 10400, Thailand.  Tel: +66(0)81 871 2508 or FAX: + 66(0)2 631 0334.
Call for Nominations for WOCAN Board Member Candidates