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Calling Young Professionals to join the Maize Youth Task Force

The Maize Youth Task Force (MYTF) is a joint effort of Young Professionals in Agricultural Development (YPARD) who are engaged in various undertakings that contribute to the maize industry, connected to the CGIAR Research Program on MAIZE (MAIZE), which in turn collaborates with other CGIAR Research Programs and Centers. The mission of MYTF is to serve as the collective team enabling young professionals (YPs) to realize their full potential and proactively contribute to innovative maize industry and value chain development.

The core functions of MYTF are i) to develop a network of YPs in maize-related sectors in Asia, ii) to foster communication, research, and dialogue to support CGIAR and other linked International Agricultural Research for Development initiatives, iii) to develop youth position paper of fore-sighting maize trends, and iv) to promote maize industry in the world as a feed, food, fodder, and other sources.

As the first task, MYTF is expected to develop a position paper on consumer-producer linkages in the Asian maize industry by May 2020. The tentative outline of paper includes food habits and how this affects the producer side? Are young people particularly playing a role in maintaining the connection between rural and urban areas? And what about middlemen roles and business opportunities, such as service providers and organizing farmers together, etc.? Besides, how new technologies and maize-based entrepreneurship could influence the value chain?

For this reason, YPARD-MAIZE is calling interested YPs to join the team of MYTF. The MYTF team includes 1 Coordinator, 3 Focal Points, and 11 Members from the Asian region. So far, YPARD and MAIZE have selected Mr. Dinesh Panday as Coordinator of MYTF for considering his excellence in leadership, communication, and research expertise in the maize sector.

Open positions

  1. Focal Point: 3 (1 from each sector: Research, Extension, and Farming)
  2. Member: 11


  1. YPs must be less than 40 years.
  2. YPs should be from one of these countries*: China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Myanmar.
  3. YPs must have a certain level of knowledge and expertise in maize either from research or extension or farming background.
  4. YPs should have completed a Master degree in agriculture and allied subjects, plus a minimum of 3 years of experience for the Focal Points (academic exception for Farming sector focal point). For members, YPs should have completed or running Bachelor degree, plus 2 years of experience.

* Countries are selected based on major maize producing countries and hosting CIMMYT national offices in Asia.

Working mechanism

The members and focal points will report its progress and development to the MYTF Coordinator. The Coordinator plays a leadership role in formulating tasks to achieve the objectives of the MYTF, as well as mobilizing resources. The MYTF will report to YPARD Asia and Pacific and MAIZE-Management Committee (MAIZE-MC) annually and develop position papers regularly.

All team members are working voluntarily. Each YP’s tenure will be of 1 year, with possible extension up to 2022. Team members are expected to invest about 2 hours per week and attend at least 1 online meeting every month. Team members are also encouraged to attend face-to-face meetings when possible.

How to apply?

Interested YPs can send an application to with a subject line: MYTF membership by November 15, 2019. A complete application includes a Cover Letter and Curriculum Vitae (max. 2 pages). In the cover letter please include the interested position (focal point or member) and how you would contribute to this task force for the development of the maize industry in Asia. The application decision will be circulated through email on November 20, 2019.

For any queries, please contact Maize Youth Task Force Coordinator at For other updates, please follow #CGIARMaize hashtag on social media.