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Procasur and Rural Youth

Corporación ProcasurProcasur Corporation has been working in the development and dissemination of tools and methodologies for the effective management of knowledge, in order to build capacity of public and private actors involved in the fight against rural poverty, since 1996.

Rural youth faces several obstacles related with exclusion and poverty, but also has skills and abilities that position them as a potentially privileged subject in development strategies. Through actions aimed at this segment of the population, Procasur promotes economic, social, cultural and political inclusion of rural youth, to facilitate the development of their own livelihoods.

The Rural Youth Entrepreneurship Regional Program, supported by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), comes in response to growing efforts to include rural youth in the work of rural development projects.

It aims to generate and disseminate updated knowledge about rural youth living conditions of in Latin America and the Caribbean, promoting the development of functional innovations within that segment of the population, in order to contribute to improving the capacity of IFAD-funded operations to increase access of young people to rural development initiatives relevant to their livelihoods.

To this end Procasur delivers a variety of activities aimed at knowledge management, participation, policy dialogue and enterprise development of rural youth, in order to enhance their social and economic inclusion.

The program has helped more than 1,200 young users and more than 100 project technicians. It has also co-funded and supported the development of rural enterprises led by young people, by implementing the Learning Fund, which seeks to strengthen the economic autonomy of that sector of the population and positively influence the improvement of their living conditions.

It has also promoted the participation of rural youth through the Rural Youth Entrepreneurship Network, an initiative that has the participation of over two hundred rural youth in Latin America and the Caribbean.

By linking international institutions and regional organizations, local governments, talents and rural communities, Procasur identifies, nurtures and share innovative ideas and best practices on issues such as access to land; cultural assets; climate change; gender equity; local governments; income and assets; innovation for development; rural microfinance, and information and communication technologies (ICTs).

As part of a South-South cooperation strategy, Procasur established regional offices in Asia Pacific (Thailand) and Africa (Kenya), since 2010, adding these continents to knowledge networks supported by Procasur. The institution has provided learning opportunities in over 30 countries, taking local talent as axes of generation and dissemination of knowledge.

Procasur works directly with IFAD’s projects in Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia Pacific and southeast Africa. Its history of performing work in Latin America and the Caribbean has included concerted actions with organizations of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela.

For more information on Procasur work with rural youth, contact Karen Rees Holland: