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icipe offers 4 PhD positions in Agroecology and Pests - Tanzania & Kenya

  The organization on African Insect Science for Food and Health, icipe offers four PhD positions based in Kenya and Tanzania. The four PhD positions will deal with the following topics in the agroecological, biological and horticultural domains:
  1. "Understanding the variability of carbon stocks in avocado agroecosystems of Taita Hills in comparison to adjacent natural forests and other land-use systems/agroecosystems."
  2. “Understanding the role of climate change induced effect on the biology and ecology of avocado insect pests along altitudinal gradient of Taita-Taveta Hill, Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.”
  3. “Comparative evaluation of changes in tritrophic interactions among key crucifer pests and their natural enemies along altitudinal gradient in Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania and the Taita Hills, Kenya.”
  4. “Responses of coffee pests with emphasis on the coffee berry borer (CBB), the coffee white stem borer (CWSB) and two main coffee diseases, and their natural enemies/antagonists to changes in climate.”
About icipeicipe is an intergovernmental organization funded by government aid agencies, UN organizations and private foundations to carry out research and training in environmentally sound and sustainable management of arthropods for improved health and agricultural productivity in the tropics. icipe has approximately 350 staff to support its research and capacity building programmes, located at various sites in Kenya and Ethiopia. Applications will be accepted up to November 18, 2011.  For detailed information on the research objectives, qualification requirements and application details, visit the icipe job webpage..