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New Agriculturist (2013-1) now online - Special GCARD2!

The latest edition of New Agriculturist (2013-1) is now online at this special edition of New Agriculturist, some of the achievements of the second Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (GCARD2) held in Punte del Este in Uruguay in October 2012 are shared, and we look at how the Conference outcomes will be taken forward, through the plans and commitments of those involved in each area.There is particularly an article about the great experience of the team of Young People that were selected and put together by YPARD in collaboration with the CGIAR as GCARD2 social reporters: Young professionals in agriculture: the social reporters of GCARD2. To promote effective communication from GCARD2, a team of young agri-professionals from around the world was trained to provide social media coverage of the event. read article