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#GCARD3 communications – A call to the good, the willing and the innovators

Are you a professional communicator, or a social media enthusiast? Are you part of the GFAR network (the Global Forum on Agricultural Research) or CGIAR (the global agricultural research partnership), or one of its partners? Are you involved in a nonprofit organisation, institute or university working on any aspect of food security, agriculture, sustainable development, or eco-systems? Or a young social media enthusiast willing to put your skills into use for the greater good?

You will be interested in this.

Turning a challenge into an opportunity

CGIAR and GFAR – have embarked on #GCARD3, an ambitious project to promote effective, targeted investment and to build partnerships, capacities and mutual accountability at all levels of the agricultural system to ensure that today’s agricultural research will meet the needs of the resource-poor end user.

While the national and regional consultations are ongoing, some of these already proved to be excellent opportunities for an active online media outreach.

Each of these national or regional consultations, as well as the global event, present a challenge as well as an opportunity to communicators. The challenge is around “how to bring a niche topic – matching agricultural research to the needs of the food-insecure and farmers – to the wider public”, and involve more people through online media. But at the same time, there are ample opportunities to use these events as an advocacy catalyst, and to integrate a wider public in our causes.

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