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Engaging the Youth in the Implementation Phase of CAADP Transformation Agenda – Knowledge Information and Skills

Engaging the Youth in the Implementation Phase of CAADP Transformation Agenda – Knowledge Information and Skills FARA Regional Workshop Report - Executive summary "The Regional Youth Workshop on “Engaging the Youth in the Implementation Phase of the CAADP Transformation Agenda – KIS” was organized by FARA to develop a strategy for engaging the youth along the strategic stages of the CAADP Agenda as CAADP evolved from the planning phase to the implementation phase. The workshop drew participants from several African countries, including Benin, Burundi, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Mali, Mauritius, Madagascar, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The workshop enabled participants to engage in the following processes:
  1. Identification of key issues that a strategy for engaging the youth in the CAADP Agenda ought to address
  2. Review of the extent to which FARA’s MTOP communicated a responsiveness to these issues
  3. Development of strategies to address the identified issues at the country level, at the level of FARA, and at the level of YPARD
The following recommendations were generated through the workshop proceedings: 1. Issues that a youth strategy should address
  • Poor implementation of agriculture and youth policies
  • Fragmentation of inter-related policies, namely agriculture, youth and gender policies
  • Agriculture policies not tailored to address youth capacities and perceptions in relation to the agriculture value chain
  • Poor enabling environment in relation to: i. Youth access to agricultural inputs, in particular, credit and land, ii. The structure of educational systems in most African countries
  • Poor branding of agriculture, creating a perception of agriculture as an unattractive career option for the youth
  • Poor self-mobilisation by the youth for participation in policy development
2. Goal and objectives proposed for adoption by CAADP in relation to the youth CAADP’s goal vis-a-vis youth in agriculture: To facilitate and support dialogue among the youth, and between the youth and state/non-state actors, on African agriculture development. Objectives proposed for adoption by CAADP regarding the youth included the following:
  • Incorporation of youth voices in CAADP processes: To recognise the youth as major stakeholders in the CAADP process and create a platform where their voices can be heard on issues that directly concern them. Additionally, to involve the youth in the examination and review of existing policies as well as in determining and evaluating potential policy alternatives
  • Facilitating communication, advocacy and networking: To guide the youth in communicating their challenges, ideas, and experiences and to establish a platform to bridge the gap between policy makers and the youth
  • Revitalising agriculture at the primary, secondary and higher education levels: To incorporate agriculture development and a value chain approach in the education system from the primary level in order to promote and help develop an interest in agriculture in the youth from a young age
  • Coordination of existing agricultural programmes: To ensure proper coordination of existing agricultural and youth programmes run by different stakeholders
  • Mentorship: To introduce mentorship programmes to guide the youth on ways of making a living from agriculture
3. Strategies to promote youth engagement in agriculture
  • Country-level strategies: These are captured in a communiqué developed by participants at the end of the workshop
  • Strategy at the level of FARA: The workshop discussions pointed to the possibility of a FARA Youth Strategy possibly built along the following broad lines:
  • Overall Goal for FARA Youth Strategy: To enable the youth to play a key role in the KIS phase of CAADP
  • Specific objectives:
- To catalyse country level commitment and action towards youth representation and participation in agriculture policy development- To strengthen capacity of the youth to self-mobilize for representation and participation in agriculture policy development process- To lead the re-branding of agriculture in African countries- To support country level efforts at developing an enabling environment for youth participation at all levels of the agriculture value chain
  • Strategic interventions/activities:
- Youth-related research- Evidence-based policy advocacy- Strengthening the capacity of youth networks to engage in country and regional level agriculture policy development
  • Justification of the strategy: The contextual issues and issues of the policy environment in most African countries could be developed into a Contextual Analysis, Problem Analysis and Problems Statement that would justify such a strategy"
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