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Closing of the FSN Forum discussions: CFS-A4A and Social/Care farming

The Global Forum on Food Security and  Nutrition (FSN) team has announced the closing of the online discussion of Zero Draft of the Agenda for Action for Addressing Food Insecurity in Protracted Crises (CFS-A4A), as well as the e-consultation on ‘Social farming/care farming: an innovative approach for promoting women’s economic empowerment, decent rural employment and social inclusion. What works in developing countries?’.

Regarding the online discussion, the Technical Support Team/CFS Secretariat will finalise the First Draft over the next couple of days. After the translation the First Draft it will be circulated to CFS stakeholders in mid-June as the basis for negotiation at the end of July 2014. The expectation is that an endorsed CFS-A4A will be submitted to CFS 41 in October 2014 for consideration and endorsement. 

Concerning the e-consultation on Social/Care farming, after having received 46 contributions from 24 countries, a summary of the key points from the discussion which highlights the case studies will be made available on the FSN forum website

You can keep track of the developments on CFS-A4A on

To see all contribution received after the e-consultation on Social/Care farming, please refer to the discussion's proceedings

Picture credit: Corn, by Griszka Niewiadomski.