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Livestream: 2013 Global Youth Economic Opportunities

The 2013 Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference organised by Making Cents holds between 10 - 12 September, 2013. There will be a webcast of the event and the agenda is given below. Making Cents International develops the annual knowledge exchange and partnership building initiative to improve the impact, scale and sustainability of youth economic opportunity programming. The Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference, and resulting State of the Field in Youth Economic Opportunities publication, allows you to connect to colleagues, exchange information, and achieve greater impact.The sessions listed below will be webcast, live and free from Washington DC. Click each session for more informationCLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE LIVE STREAM.Tuesday, September 10, 20131:30 - 1:45pm Kick-off and Launch of Innovations Journal, Special Edition on Youth Economic Opportunities, w/ Pamela Flaherty, CEO and President of Citi Foundation1:45 - 3:30pm Opening Keynotes: What Does the Future Hold? How Technology is Accelerating Youth Economic Opportunities4:00 - 5:30pm Youth Client Risk Monitoring: Keeping YFS From Becoming Risky BusinessThursday, September 12, 20138:00 - 8:45am -  Using Technology to Improve Economic Opportunities for Youth  or  Mobiles and Youth Workforce Development: Fast Facts and Fresh Findings….What Next?9:00 - 10:30am Plenary: Partnering with the Private Sector in the New Economy10:45 - 12:15pm Soft Skills for the Hospitality and Retail Sectors: Views from Employers12:30 - 1:45pm Top Ten Things You Ought to Know about Youth at USAID2:00 - 3:15pm Tech Talks. Positive Disruptors: Leaders of Technology Companies Tell Us How They are Changing the Way Youth Learn and Earn; w/ Mike Feerick, Leila Janah, Kamal Quadir, and Luis Ortiz Gross3:30 - 4:15pm Meet the Founder of Samasource, Leila Janah - Harnessing the Untapped Potential of the World's Poor4:30 - 5:30pm Plenary: What's Hot? Find Out From the Funders5:30 - 5:45pm Closing RemarksDetails of speakers and their organisation can be found on this link.
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