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International Youth Day!

August 12th, 2011 is not only the International Day of the Youth but also the end of the International Year of the Youth 2010-2011. The United Nations International Year of Youth was running from August 2010 until August 2011 as a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the 1st International Year of the Youth by the United Nations. The main topic of this year was: Change the World! At the heart of this celebration are, as core principles and values, the strong believe in:
  • The notion of global community
  • The power of actions at local level for impact on global level
These are, as well, the fundamental leitmotif of YPARD. More information sharing and interaction through YPARD Community!  The Young Professionals’’ Platform for Agricultural Research for Development is working as a movement and a community of Young Professionals and experienced ones who believe in the strength of the new generation and who want to engage and work together in empowering them! For achieving this, sharing on-ground experience and generating actions in different parts of the worlds are considered the most effective means. Like the United Nations, YPARD is aware of how much attuned to modern communication is the community of youth, and we work to get the best of it. YPARD online presence: through YPARD website and the different social networks, are meant to enlighten these numerous experiences and voices of individuals and organizations at different levels, worldwide. YPARD is convinced that Youth has much to say, to teach and is a fundamental agent of change for a brighter future for the Agricultural Research for Development.   YPARD Community activities for the IYY The UN and YPARD did a successful bet with giving a chance to the Youth: the IYY has counted an astronomic amount of actions by dynamic young people all around the world during all this year. Young Professionals in Agricultural Research for Development particularly raised their voice through more blogs and discussions. YPARD major event for this occasion has been the organization of a special series of blogs on “Agriculture, ICTs and Young Professionals” in collaboration with e-Agriculture.  Around 25 articles have been published. Young Professionals and Experienced ones, from Africa, Europe, Latin America, have shared their experience and thoughts about these three topics and how they are related to each other, in English, French and Spanish. See also the blogs on different topics related to Young Professionals in Agricultural Research for Development on YPARD Blogs space and contribute to discussions on YPARD forum. Join us and stay connected on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin! Learn more about YPARD on-line and on ground activities as well!   What have you done for “changing the world”? Let us know and share your success stories, your failures, your lessons learnt, your thoughts, your satisfaction, your dissatisfactions, your challenges, your questions etc!  Write a blog or start a conversation on the forum. Need some help to get started? Contact us at ! Who knows, there might be some YPARD members who experienced the same situation and feelings, who could learn from you or who could give you some great advices!   The International Year of the Youth is almost over, but the Youth is just getting started! More to come!