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Ideas4Work: Youth Employability and Entrepreneurship in Africa

December 4-6, 2012Dakar, Senegal "Ideas4Work: Youth Employability and Entrepreneurship in Africa"Members of the Global Partnership for Youth Employment (GPYE), including the International Youth Foundation (IYF), Youth Employment Network (YEN), and Understanding Children’s Work (UCW), are convening a three day learning symposium to provide an opportunity for policy makers, practitioners, researchers, youth, and donors to learn from each other through a variety of interactive sessions. The agenda will focus on gathering and disseminating evidence-based research on youth employment and entrepreneurship outcomes in Africa, as well as providing examples of effective programs and policies to help address the challenges facing young people in their transition to employment in the region. GPYE is supported by the World Bank, and is joined in sponsoring this event by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Jacobs Foundation.