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YPARD China Social Channels

YPARD China was established in 2012 with the 1st YPARD China Conference held in the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. YPARD China has completed the organizational chart with Advisory Committee, YPARD China Office (including Country Representative (CR), Deputy CR, Financial Officer, Fundraising Officer, Liaison Officer, and Technical Officer), Local network, Oversea Network, and Interns and volunteers.

YPARD China has devoted in the following respects from the very beginning: First, it has communicated and cooperated with various stakeholders in the agricultural sector, including leading research institutions and universities, agribusiness companies, farmer organizations, NGOs and social groups in China. Frequent exchanges with these stakeholders enable YPARD China to become a platform of wide information sharing for youth. Second, YPARD China has provided tangible incentives for youth to get involved in agriculture, including training programs, free lectures by government officials and famous scholars, internship opportunities, etc. Third, YPARD China developed its mass social medias, YPARD China Weibo, YPARD China Renren Station, QQ Group to share the latest news in YPARD community. Fourth, YPARD China with the support of the hosting organization Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) is exploring cooperation with research centers for YPs to be engaged in research and policy dialogue.

Come join your YPARD National chapter! We are looking forward to hearing your ideas and having you on board!