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How can we support you better? - YPARD 2017

Every year, we strive to improve our support to YPARD members.  We need YOU to tell us what you want more of and what you want less of. YPARD is your network; get the most out of it!

Help us assess our services and the value you see in YPARD as a network. We will look at what activities are considered most valuable and improve upon them. Also, it will enable us to measure progress against our 2014-2018 business plan

Take some 5 minutes to tell us what you want from YPARD.  It is anonymous, so please express your opinions freely. Thank you for completing the survey before 29th January.

Any further question, please send them to

Thanks for your feedback. It is crucial for us to make YPARD truly invaluable for you as a young professional in agricultural development! Thank you!

Please give some minutes a valuable meaning by filling the YPARD members' survey now