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Green Farming Boots; Keeping your boots dirty the YPARD Kosovo way

If you are young and in the agricultural sector, and more especially if you have dedicated several years of your life to study agriculture, every so often you will be asked by curious people the reason behind your career choice.

Ever since I decided to study agriculture, I have been asked hundreds of times why agriculture? You could do better? But you were a good student?

And as much as I find those questions irrelevant, irrational and meaningless, I do understand that people are not well informed about the opportunities present for youths in the agriculture sector.

As a young and passionate agronomist, I am trying to raise awareness on the importance of agriculture through an online vlog (youtube channel) named “Green farming boots”.  The main purpose of the channel is to show how agriculture is life, love, food, nature, sexy, future.

Everyone is invited to check it regularly, as interesting 30-seconds  animated videos on agricultural facts are being released twice a week.

It’s gonna make you wanna farm…

The Vlog Series

Some of the Vlog series include:

Link to the Vlogs on YouTube:

You can also find green farming boots on ;


The Green Farming Boots is an initiative of YPARD Kosovo.