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Captivating Your Audience through Powerful Presentations: Webinar tips from TFF and YPARD

The TFF winning team

Update 5 Nov. 2015: This webinar is now closed. Watch the recorded webinar and learn more about our Expert Guests below.

A few of the core Thought For Food team members will be hosting the Captivating Your Audience through Powerful Presentations webinar on October 28th and we are beyond excited to meet you all.

Thought For Food (TFF) is an international NGO determined to support social entrepreneurs and young innovators from universities around the world in tackling the challenge of feeding 9 billion people by 2050 through bold and breakthrough ideas.

Through a myriad of experiences with presentations, the TFF team is well versed in how your ability to effectively communicate your ideas and engage your audience is critical to success. To help you avoid common presentation pitfalls, this webinar will cover tried and true techniques on:
•     Planning and delivering complex content
•     Effectively leveraging design and visuals
•     Using storytelling for impact

Beginning now, you can:
•  E-mail with your biggest questions or fears about presentations and, time permitting, we will answer your questions during the webinar.
•  And visit to learn more about the impact you can make through Thought For Food.

We hope the webinar gives you the confidence to form a team and sign up for the 2015/16 TFF Challenge before December 1st. From there, ten finalist teams will be selected to travel to the TFF Global Summit and (put this webinar to use) present their projects to a live audience for a chance to win up to $15,000 in investment.  

Looking forward to see you at the Captivating Your Audience through Powerful Presentations webinar on October 28th

The TFF webinar Team

Lorena Galvan
Lorena’s entrepreneurial career began with winning the 2013 Thought For Food Challenge that resulted in her co-founding of Henlight, a start-up dedicated to providing appropriate technologies for small-scale agricultural productions. In her previous work, she developed programs to counsel and connect Millennials to high-impact and entrepreneurial careers; implemented initiatives to increase youth engagement for agricultural regions in California; and provided health education to rural communities in the U.S., India, and Brazil.  As the Thought For Food content and media strategist, Lorena is committed to supporting the success of new innovations for global food security.


Jared Yarnall-Schane
Jared Yarnall-Schane is an emerging serial entrepreneur with experience starting two different agricultural businesses. His first business was Kinani Dzua Enterprises, which was created to preserve excess fruit in rural Kenya from spoiling. Jared then went on to complete a mechanical engineering degree from Penn State University, where he founded his second company, GreenTowers. GreenTowers mission is to reconnect people to their food by creating maintenance free growing systems. Jared brings his experience in sales and marketing to Thought For Food as the Outreach Coordinator.
California, Davis where he studied international agricultural development and technology management.

Erin Ponsonby
Erin Ponsonby is the Community Manager for Thought For Food. A graduate of Texas A&M University and winner of the 2012 TFF Challenge, Erin is passionate about engaging and inspiring the worlds brightest university students to answer the question; How will we feed 9+ billion people by 2050? Prior to her work with Thought For Food, Erin developed successful social and digital media campaigns and honed her strategy and organizational development skills. Since joining the TFF team, Erin has grown the global community to include thousands of students and nearly 100 Ambassadors in more than 50 countries.


Edward Silva
After winning the 2013 TFF Challenge and launching his startup Henlight as a result, Edward joins the TFF team to spearhead and energize new partnerships. Driven to help appropriate solutions reach their full potential, Edward believes true partnerships are crucial to long lasting impact in food and agriculture. Having grown up in a large family on a small farm in California, Edward is dedicated to helping improving the lives of smallholder farmers globally.  He attended the University of California, Davis where he studied international agricultural development and technology management.

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