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Isn't a time for “using of swimming glasses" in research

© Ian Spanier/Corbis

Dr. Botir Dosov 42-year-old scientist, father of 6-year-old Ali Dosov, who is not a scientist

One can find dozens and hundreds responses on what is the science and what is the role of science in our life. Just google it. Therefore, it is obvious that we can't imagine our life without science. Society tremendously invests in research to make life better. 

We spent years studying at elementary, secondary and higher schools spending essential portion of family budgets for education. Having been studying for years, publishing scientific articles, books, developing new concept, scientists produce international public goods and trigger innovations, scientists have views that only other scientists can confute.

Having a title of Dr I am highly considered in my family, among relatives and friends and my views either, as they believe that my views are differs with scientific, methodological, systemic approach, which assures the best solution among other options. And, in this way, I use scientific approach to my day-to-day life. 

For example, during, the last 6 years I have invented dozens of ways of reducing and relieving stinging eyes of my son while he is taking a bath and washing his hair with shampoo. For six years from his birth I tried dozens types of shampoo, positioning his heads, using stream of water, and many other approaches, tools, as scientists do.  

Perhaps, I had to be proud that I have been doing research for six years and almost was ready to write a book on it, until the day my 6-year-old son was taking a bath and washing his hair with shampoo, and asked me to pass his swimming glasses, which he wears in the pool. Bang! That was the best solution, as swimming glasses completely protect his eyes from stinging. I was a bit shocked. 

Then, I recalled the criticism (at the last scientific meeting I attended) towards me, when I said: there are a lot of scientific literature on any subject, and there are a lot of papers reviewing those literature, and my colleagues told me that we need to do literature review to learn at least whether someone has already done such a research. Some of my colleagues pulled a wary face as I said this was nonsense. 

So, I jumped into the internet googling "prevent eyes stinging". However I should note that I googled in Russian as it's the language I am thinking in. I used different search and words combination for "eyes stinging". And, the second bang, having learned first top 20 links, I found that none of the sources mentioning about swimming glasses. May I should review hundred sources.

As a scientist, I can say that "using of swimming glasses" is fortuitous inventions, or I have not been following scientific approach, or can formulate dozens argumentations of why my 6-year-old son invented the best solution, while his father being a scientist was not even close to "using of swimming glasses".

Or, maybe, we, scientists should not be afraid to learn from non-scientists! And it is time "using of swimming glasses".

I believe that a reader understands that I wanted to say: That sometimes, or usually, scientists follow the conventional way in their day-to-today work. And this is process-driven approach to my view. Whilst, result-oriented approach implies efficient and effective way to achieve results. 

Probably, I am an idealist, but I think that ultimate purpose of a scientist or scientific work is “changes” for better livelihoods, well-being, health etc. (not only publishing scientific article). As a scientist I, from time to time, ask myself : “what do I really do for people”, and not always am I able to answer this questions from the bottom of heart…

Picture credit: © Ian Spanier/Corbis