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Bringing a knowledge-based revolution to farm management

Agrivi Solving global food problem is one of the main concerns of mankind today. Traditional approach to agriculture is simply not enough and there is a huge agri-tech revolution happening worldwide. Agrivi (, an award-winning startup from Croatia, is one of the key drivers of agtech revolution that is experiencing fast global acceptance of its innovative knowledge-based farm management software.

Although it was launched only a year ago, it has already been recognized by thousands of farmers from over 120 countries who are using it to improve their agricultural production. Every few minutes some new farmer (possibly from anywhere in the world) joins this revolution and starts using Agrivi.

Made by farmers for farmers - solving the common global problem

Agrivi is made by farmers for farmers. More than 80% of the team behind Agrivi come from farming families and the idea of Agrivi was born on a blueberry farm of Matija Zulj, who founded Agrivi in order to solve his own problem – finding best practice knowledge for achieving higher yields and having a simple, but affordable tool for tracking all farming activities in order to identify possible improvements and cost savings.

When he started talking with other farmers from different countries to see if others have the same needs, he saw that this was not just his problem – all farmers worldwide share the same problem. The idea for solving this problem soon grew to reality and one of the best farm management softwares in the world was born.

Simple, but powerful – key for worldwide acceptance!

Agrivi focuses on providing farmers with all the key features they need for managing a farm on one central place. It offers the most complete feature-set on the market combined with simple-to-use interface and it supports 12 languages which makes it available for farmers in 130 countries on their native language.

Agrivi helps farmers improve their productivity and reach profitable and sustainable production by empowering them with following key features from one central place:

  • Complete farm management – planning, tracking and analyzing all field activities (work hours, mechanization hours, fuel consumption, fertilizer and pesticide usage, etc.), tracking finance and monitoring real-time inventory levels. Built-in agricultural knowledge base with best-practice processes for over 80 crops guides farmers towards better production.
  • Weather monitoring & smart pest alarms – an automated weather monitoring empowers farmers with a 7-day forecast and a 3-year history of weather conditions for all fields. Intelligent pattern recognition process identifies possible pest or disease threat on farmer’s fields and alarms farmers to make on-time crop protection and reduce risk of lower yield. Guidelines on how to perform crop protection can be found in the built-in knowledge base with information for over 300 pests and diseases.
  • Powerful analytics – access to 30+ reports and real-time dashboards with a single click helps farmers understand every details of their farming business and discover possible improvements and cost savings.

Young farmers – leaders of agricultural revolution

Agriculture industry is experiencing a generation shift – young farmers all around the world are taking over their parent's farms. Although not experienced as their parents, young farmers understand that farming is a business and they are willing to learn new things and embrace new technologies like Agrivi in order to make their farms profitable and sustainable.

Connected and equipped with laptops and smartphones, young farmers require access to their data anytime and anywhere. As a true cloud solution available on web and mobile, Agrivi supports them whether they are at home, in the office or on the field.


The best startup in the world

Agrivi's passion for changing the way food is produced and making a positive impact on over one bilion people is not only recognized by farmers – Agrivi is the first agriculture-related solution that has received a global startup award.

Agrivi won the 1st prize on the World Startup Competition that was held in Seoul in November 2014 in a strong competition of 46 innovative companies from all over the world as the startup with the highest potential global impact.

Join the revolution

Agrivi seeks for young farmers all around the world to become Agrivi ambassadors and promote the benefits of using knowledge-based software and participate in making the global change. If you want to become an Agrivi ambassador, contact Agrivi at or find more information on Agrivi website.