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All set for YPARD’s external review!

yellow arrowYPARD organized a two day preparatory meeting for the YPARD external review, on 18-19 September 2013. The Global Coordination Unit met the two consultants who are conducting the review.

The objective of the review is to evaluate the progress of YPARD (with emphasis on the last four years since the external review of 2009) but also to determine the areas to be improved. The outcomes will notably help us strengthening YPARD strategy and fostering our dialogue with future possible donors.

Lisa Cespedes and Wim Andriesse are taking the lead on the review. They have shown a thorough understanding about YPARD’s mission while having the ability to provide an external and neutral view on YPARD's activities and governance, necessary to this review. They have been going through YPARD's documents and reports, and are now preparing the surveys meant to collect feedback from different stakeholders on how they perceive and experienced YPARD’s activities.

Some of you, members, YPARD representatives, regional coordinators, partners and supporters would be contacted. Your feedback about YPARD is invaluable, and a crucial means to evaluate our work together!

We hope this review will help us highlight - among other things - YPARD’s added value and why it needs continuous support. We also see it as a milestone, bringing in recommendations towards building stronger strategies and carrying on our work for effective and relevant activities.

Looking forward to the results of it! If you have any pressing constructive comments, suggestions or questions, please do leave a comment below or write to!